How to make a wired headwrap

To say I love headwraps would be a complete under statement. I wear them everyday and think they're the most versatile fashion accessory there is!

In fact they're one of the first things I teach people to sew as they're so quick and easy to make. They're a good project to practice pinning, sewing straight, pivoting AND you have something you can use to show off your new sewing skills within a very short time!

Skills Learned:

  1. Pinning (or clipping)

  2. Using guidelines

  3. Pivoting at corners

  4. Pressing seams

Materials Needed:

  1. Basic sewing kit (Sewing machine, scissors (or rotary cutter and mat), sewing machine thread, ruler, fabric pen/pencil, pins (or clips), ironing board & iron)

  2. 20cm (8") x 90cm (35") - this can vary depending on your personal preferences.

  3. Approximately 2.5-4mm (1/8") wide single core electical cable (I use Olex brand from Bunnings $1.37/meter)

How to make:


Cut out your fabric rectangle. I usually use between 10cm (4") and 20cm (8") wide x 90cm (35") long fabric rectangle, but you can vary this according to personal preference.


With RST (right sides together) pin or clip along the long raw edge.

Sew 1cm (3/8”) from the long raw edge. You will end up with a long fabric “tube” with open short ends.

Taking care not to iron folds into your fabric “tube”, press the seam open.

It is easiest to do this by just using the tip of the iron and avoiding touching the tube anywhere

else except along the seam.


Turn the fabric “tube” out the right way.

With the seam at the top, press flat along both long edges.


Lay your headwrap in half so the two shorts ends are at one end. The seam will still be at the


Cut the short ends at an angle. I’m using the 30 degree line on my cutting ruler & a rotary cutter.

If you don’t have a rotary cutter you can mark a line at any angle you like, with a fabric pencil

then cut with scissors.

Fold the short raw ends in around about 1cm (3/8”).

Press flat.


Sew 1.5cm (5/8”) from the longest edge. to create the casing.

Leaving one casing end open (so you can insert your cable) sew close to the edge (about 3mm ie

1/8” away) the rest of the way around your headwrap.


Trim the cable so it is the same length as your headwrap. Fold the ends of the cable over

on itself so there are no sharp bits to hurt you (the cable will now be a bit shorter than

your fabric tube).

Thread the cable through the casing.

Sew the end of the casing shut.

Congratulations you’re finished!

Put your headwrap on and enjoy telling people “I made it”!